Seven Star Natural Stone, one of the leading companies of the marble industry, was founded in 2004 in Antalya to carry the most pure gift of nature to its overseas customers. Seven Star Natural Stone is a Turkish Natural Stone Export Company which has more than 16 years of experience in the sector. Marble, Treverten, Limestone and Mosaic products are prepared and sends to the desired port as soon as possible in the form of blocks, slabs or tiles, according to the customer's request, the desired dimensions, the desired quality.
Thanks to its manufacturing partner companies, the company that exports tiles and slabs with its high quality production standard in many production facilities is supported with the latest technology production facility in Antalya.
Seven Star Natural Stone select every blocks from the quarries seven regions in Turkey and process it for the customers as slabs or tiles to assure they receive the BEST PRODUCT, BEST QUALITY and BEST SERVICE.
Seven Star Natural Stone Exporter continuing to work with a modern approach without compromising on quality, it will continue to work with the same sensitivity with respect to the tastes and desires of its valuable customers by expanding its target every year.


We are a unique team of the brightest operating transporters, stone exporters, and marketing consultants.

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