Nero Picasso

By help of the meticulously performed work in the marble quarry Nero Picasso is being produced in 3 principal selections. In order to have any of those selections in the desired quantities at any time the necessary staging work needed by block production has been realized.


The ‘Gold’ Selection which is deservingly called with that name due its colours and lattice is the most preferred selection. In the production models different cutting methods could be applied and thanks to that application many various products with visual richness are being obtained.


Our ‘Classic’ Selection owning the enduring fashionable colours which offer the same pleasure forever makes considerable contributions to the places where it is applied. That’s why it wholly deserves to be called as “Classic”.


Our ‘Stardust’ Selection with very surprising lattices and colours and also attractive to the same degree is being produced in limited quantities in our quarry and it adds more values to the values of the very elegant places.