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Natural stone can be used in numerous ways, from the smallest craft projects to constructing entire buildings. Some of the more common uses for natural stone include fireplaces, patios, and flooring. Marble, flagstone, and limestone are often found in both ancient and modern construction. Stone is sometimes chosen solely for its beauty and texture, but durability is also an important factor.

Marble is an expensive natural stone used in a variety of ways, and can be purchased polished or unpolished. Typically pink or white, most marble is streaked with black or gray veins. It is used for flooring, walls, and fireplaces. Marble is sometimes used in furniture, for instance, some dining tables and occasional tables have tops made of marble. Marble is somewhat high maintenance and is generally not suitable for kitchens, as it is sensitive to acids found in some fruits and juices.

For homeowners who like the look of marble, but cannot afford its price tag, granite is considered a good option. Granite can be polished to a high sheen or left in its natural condition. It is extremely durable and comes in a wide variety of colors. It is a good choice for countertops and flooring.

Outdoor uses for natural stone include pathways, patios, and garden walls. In addition, outdoor furniture such as benches and tables can also be made of stone. Flagstone, also referred to as “fieldstone,” is commonly used in outdoor settings. It is typically less expensive than marble or granite and is considered very durable. Flagstone is also used in interiors for flooring and fireplaces.

Various types of stone have long been used to create outdoor ponds. Typically used for constructing small fishponds, natural stone is becoming popular in swimming pool construction. Swimming pools made of natural stone typically blend in with an outdoor environment much better than pools made of gunite or vinyl. These pools are usually more expensive to construct than other types of pools.

For centuries, natural stone has been used to create entire buildings. Granite, limestone, and marble are sometimes used in home construction, but because of expense, few people can afford these homes. Fieldstone is considered an affordable alternative. Fieldstone construction typically involves joining the stones with mortar, then the stones can be stacked or used as a facing. The cost of constructing homes of natural stone is generally more expensive than other types of construction; however, the durability of stone should probably be considered a balancing factor.

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Every stone has its own beauty, texture, colour or pattern. From the timeless veined marble, through the rustic travertine and versatile granite and slate tiles, there is a stone for any room and every taste. What is even better, is that there are various natural stone tiles in one colour family so if you are fan of a certain shade, you can easily decorate your home with it. 

Today, we are going to focus on the black varieties of natural stone tiles and how you can use them for various interior and exterior projects. One of the tendencies for 2018 is to have your kitchen decorated in black, so if this is your favourite colour, you are on the right track. Here are some of the most popular black stones that you can incorporate in your design: 


Black Extra Granite 


One of the popular dark stones is Black Extra Granite. If you choose these tiles for your bathroom, you will end up with a gorgeous luxury retreat. The combination with white bathtub and sink is an eternal classic, however, you can also choose a more dramatic shade – such as red. The overall look of the black granite tiles is suitable for a contemporary décor. In addition to the bathroom, this stone is suitable for the kitchen – both for a counter top, kitchen island or flooring; for the living spaces or for the entrance. Depending on the purpose, you can also choose a specific finish of the tiles. Polished is a good idea for walls or counter tops, while honed or antiqued is perfect for the floor.  


Minster Black Antiqued Limestone 


Limestone is more often associated with its tanned, creamy colour and rustic look. Nevertheless, the Minster Black Antiqued Limestone is another excellent option for those who prefer darker shades. The best surface finish for this type of tiles is antiqued as it adds to the natural beauty of the stone. The tiles are perfect both for walls and floors and can be used for interior and exterior projects. The black limestone will add charm and mystery to your bedroom and will become a perfect accent wall in your dining hall or living room. The stone is also a smart idea for your patio design that will make your house look rather different. Strange as it may sound, the black tiles are also a good solution for smaller premises like utility rooms, toilets or entrance areas. If properly combined with a lighter stone, be it of the same type or different. The pattern is also of great importance, so make sure to choose the right one depending on the purpose and size of the room.  


Nero Pizarra Riven Slate 


Slate tiles are quite versatile and can be utilized in many projects both indoors and outdoors. The Nero Pizarra Riven Slate comes in different shades of grey and black and is the perfect wall tile. The riven finish accentuates the natural look of slate. This stone can be used all around the house – from the bathroom to the bedroom and is one of the most suitable options for patio flooring as well. Each tile incorporates different shades, which breaks the monotonous look of an all-black room.  


Nero Pizarra Riven Glacier 


If you are looking for an interesting accent wall, then the Nero Pizarra Riven Glacier is for you. These tiles are perfect for both interior and exterior projects. Their riven texture makes them an unique addition to your kitchen or living room and an interesting bed overboard for the bedroom. 


Mezzanotte Honed Marble 


Even though the Mezzanotte Honed Marble cannot be described as classically black, it is a perfect option for those who prefer mixed darker shades. A beautiful combination between grey, black and white, this perfect stone is suitable for virtually any renovation project in your house. Turn your bathroom into a cozy retreat or add a bit of nuances to your black and white kitchen. The honed surface of the tiles makes them great for flooring even in wet premises. Add to that the longevity and timeless beauty of marble and you have a luxury finish for any of the rooms in your home.  

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